Holiday Fitness

Holiday Fitness – Plan To Keep It Real For The Holidays!

With the holidays upon us, ’tis the season to indulge and gain, gain, gain! I’ve come up with creative ways to help reduce your weight gain, while still letting you indulge! It’s all about a healthy balance and a solid fitness plan.

Here’s some suggestions for a Holiday Fitness Strategy for you!

Food-wise: Outsmart Yourself!

  • Have a great start to your day, by eating a healthy breakfast. Having something in your system right away, and making it “clean” will help you to maintain that trend throughout the day, and cut down on hunger cravings closer to lunch.
  • Similarly, if you know you’ll be heading to a party or dinner where there will be a lot of temptation, why not eat a small, healthy meal before you go? That way you can still indulge in the goodies, but won’t be tempted to over eat and consume all those calories!
  • At the event: whether you host or not, stay away from the goodies table! It’s so easy to stay right by the snacks, but you simply end up not keeping track of how much you go through on your plate and possibly over doing it.
  • Fill your plate with healthy stuff, and leave only a bit of room for the best stuff! Start with the greens, and work your way to the finale!Holiday Fitness
  • If you can- keep track of what you eat! One of the biggest tools (if you are honest) is writing it down or using an app like Fitpal, to keep track of your nutrition for you.
  • Keep it fresh- it’s always nice to have gum on you – not only does the mint change the delicious flavours to make them less appealing, but having something in your mouth stifles the need to fill it with food!
  • At work: keep the treats away! They need to be out of sight, out of mind, or if you are like me, they will be gone! Hide them, give them away, or eat them in moderation to help keep your holiday fitness in check.

Workout-wise: Make It Work For You!

  • Two words: Plan it. This is going to be the key to your success. Make sure you write your schedule for the holidays in advance (parties and all) and figure out where you can put aside some time for your holiday fitness plan!
  • The holidays are busy! If you are having difficulty fitting in the workouts, remember it’s still beneficial to get that 30 minutes in however you can! 10 x 10 x 10 minutes, or 15 x 15. Just make it work for you as best as you can, and make it count!
  • Get your rest! I know that personally, the more tired I am, the worse I tend to eat. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of quality sleep the night before a big feast!
  • As best as you can, keep your normal workout routine rather than shaking it up. This will help you once reality hits and it’s back to work time! It makes for a much easier transition.
  • Don’t want to do a high impact workout? No problem, why not try yoga? It’s still an incredible workout, and will help you feel better than bouncing around after a big turkey meal.

Holiday FitnessHAPPY HOLIDAYS!