Diabetes GONE   120 lbs Down  Never Hungry!   ~ That’s 3 Boxes Ticked!

At first, I just wanted to get my
Blood Sugar under control
without Meds
to help manage my Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Aaaargh!  I discovered that Conventional Methods were a sick joke.
  • So, I looked for a better way.    And I found it. (But not all in one place.)
  • Results:   I dropped 120 lbs and COMPLETELY eliminated my Diabetes.
  • Today:     A1c 5.1  — Blood Pressure 105/60  —  Fasting BS 75 (4.2)

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Do you want MORE depth?    Some Proof Elements?    Then READ ON…

How serious ARE you about Controlling and even Reversing your Type 2 Diabetes?

And doing it naturally — without any meds?
Here’s what I’ve done — through an unusual but VERY SAFE strategy, with strong science behind it.
(Yes, I am a real person! Yes, I do have proof! But YOU decide if this is of interest to YOU.) 

      Lost 120+ lbs so far (still some to go, to be at my College weight)
      Got my HbA1c down to 5.1 — which would be great even for a non-diabetic
      Fasting Blood Sugar down to 75 mg/dl (4.2 mmol/L) — better than most non-diabetics
      ELIMINATED DIABETES — 3 consecutive 2-hr Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests prove it!

             NOTE: NOT just “controlled it,” ELIMINATED it.

And with lots of side-benefits; for example, my blood pressure this morning was 102/55.

I did all this with NO MEDS, and without being hungry like I ALWAYS was on regular diets.

(Incidentally, I didn’t need to lose all 120 lbs to get these results; but once I found this approach worked and was easy, and I felt great doing it … I’ve just kept on going.)

The results are even more impressive than they sound, given my starting point:

  •  62 years old. Very low activity level.
  •  Fat! – “Morbidly Obese” – Between 297 lbs and 315 lbs for 30+ years.
  •  Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in Feb 2012.
  •  Every weight loss effort in 30 years had failed miserably.
  •  My panicked weight loss effort after my Diabetes diagnosis also failed miserably.

I desperately wanted to be out of the Diabetes health-threat zone.
I REFUSED to keep trying what hadn’t worked before.
I did 100’s of hours of Research to FIND A BETTER WAY.

I found it.    It’s very different – it’s NOT the same-old same-old.

   It’s very SAFE
   It’s very EFFECTIVE
   SCIENCE supports it

The proof is in my results – 120 lbs down at the time and Diabetes Gone, I wrote a Book about it. 380+ pages.

I detailed all my research (and I give you the links so you can verify it — I’m not asking you to “just trust me”). I explained my thinking. I explained My Plan. I kept a daily journal as I started this extraordinary journey. I lost weight steadily from the 1st week. You get to see what it’s REALLY like — not just the theory. The ups and downs. Celebrations (many) and disappointments (few).

It has some mind-boggling stuff in there, from my Research. Such as, did you know the diet commonly recommended by professionals for decades has a 98% failure rate? It’s a joke. Did you know there is ZERO science supporting it? That it actually MAKES you fat! Did you know that the A1c numbers your doctor wants you to reach might still be causing organ damage?

You can download that Book 2 minutes from now if you want to.
It’s a PDF (and you also get an epub version for easy reading on a Mobile device).

I priced it at only $27.

You can buy it from this link below.
It comes with a 30-days “no questions asked” money back guarantee, if you feel I haven’t provided value (and entertainment!) worth your twenty seven bucks.

If you want a LOT more details, including before and after photos, proof of my lab results, and a list of all 31 chapter headings, keep reading!

July 2017: The 1st Lab Test that showed
I no longer had Type 2 Diabetes.

(Proof below.)

I planned to make this happen. Then I followed the plan.

I’m 63. Was Fat for more than 30 years. T2 Diabetes for 5 years. (“Fat” = Morbidly Obese: 315 lbs at peak.)


I lost 120 lbs in 19 months.
(I’ll drop more during 2018. But the urgency is less!).
Fasting Blood Sugar: 88 mg/dl (4.9 mmol/L).
A1c: 5.1
Blood Pressure: typically 105/55. Or lower! (Even though I have 20 lbs more to lose.)

And the miracle: I’m never “urgently” hungry any more.

Do these types of results interest you?

If they DO, then read on.

My name is Tony Jackson. The first photo is me 2 years ago. 315 lbs or so. The 2nd photo was late 2017.

It’s not supposed to be something you say out loud but I have HATED being fat, for every minute of the 30+ years. I hated the social stigma. The business stigma. The health issues. The quality of life issues. The embarrassing incidents. Not being the father my kids deserved. Not being the husband my wife deserved. I hated EVERYTHING about it.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably shared the same feelings. Even if you choose to put a smile on your face and pretend otherwise.

Like me you have probably tried so many times to lose weight you’ve lost count.

I’ve lost 45 lbs, 60 lbs, and 90 lbs in the past. And many more smaller results.
In each case, even though the feeling of achievement was fantastic … I felt lousy much of the time. I ended up so hungry, hour after hour, day after day, that I “cracked;” I simply couldn’t keep it up.

Which just added to my guilt and my shame.

I KNEW I wasn’t weak.

You can’t lose 60 lbs or 90 lbs and be hungry 24 hours a day for months if you’re weak. But I knew everyone privately thought of me that way. Greedy. Lazy. No self control.

The never-fat people (or the ones that gain and lose 4 lbs and believe they know what it’s like for us, and can’t stop talking about it) think it’s oh-so-easy: “Just eat less & move more.” “It’s a simple matter of calories in minus calories out.”

The research shows that these people’s beliefs are wrong. Totally wrong. Even if they are professionals — like doctors — who are supposed to know better.

I call them the SSRBs — Smug Self-Righteous Blamers. I think the worst I’ve heard, in that condescending tone of voice you and I have heard countless times, was “No fat people came out of the concentration camps, you know.” Incredibly insensitive in every way. But just knowing they believe this stuff is incredibly frustrating.

The hurt they cause is astronomical while they are convinced they are just “telling it the way it is” and “it’s just you and your health I’m thinking about.” (I feel extremely strongly about this; my wife persuaded me to tone my comments down. A lot.)

But getting angry with these people doesn’t help. They are in the majority and a little part of me knows their argument sounds intelligent and reasonable to anyone who isn’t long-time fat.  We who LIVE this, KNOW it’s not that simple … but it’s hard to make an argument against what seems like common sense.

But then, on top of my feelings about being so fat … the Diabetes diagnosis 5 years ago threw a SERIOUS scare into me.

If you’re reading this you probably know the same things I learned:

•   It’s supposedly “chronic and progressive,”

•   You supposedly have it for life,

•   It gets worse EVEN if you have it under control,

•   If you don’t need meds now you’ll need them later,

•   If you need meds now you’ll just need more and more as time goes on,

•   And meanwhile your odds of a heart attack or a stroke go through the roof.

Oh, and if you’re lucky you’ll live long enough to get Alzheimer’s — because the odds of that increase, too. (Some researchers are calling Alzheimer’s “Type 3 Diabetes.”)

What a wonderful outlook for us; and for our spouses and kids who might have to care for us through decades of worsening health. I’m sure my 115 lbs wife has been longing to look after an immobile sick (and probably 350 lb) husband for the last 20 years of her life. And yes, I am being sarcastic!

The doc said “You HAVE to lose weight.”
So I tried again.
That’s when I lost the 60 lbs. The never-fat have no idea how hard that is to do.
I quit a 2-pack-a-day 10-year smoking habit when I was 28. This was waaay harder.
I was hungry all the time. Cold. Tired. Felt like crap.

So once again I “cracked.”
And I gained it all back.

That was the last straw for me. Here’s what I figured:

•  As mentally strong as I had proved myself to be, if the “standard way” didn’t work it HAD to be because IT was wrong. I was NOT weak; I HAD committed; I’d achieved fantastic results; they had taken me MONTHS, in some cases; but no matter how desperately I wanted to keep the weight off … the results were unsustainable!

  •  If famous TV and movie celebrities, with HUGE incentives to be slim, and money for the best doctors, best nutritional advice, best personal trainers, 24 hour personal chefs … if they couldn’t lose weight or, if they did, they couldn’t keep it off … it HAD to be because the standard way didn’t work.

   •  If people on TV shows put themselves through MONTHS of torture to lose weight, in front of millions of people … then gained it all back, it HAD to be because the standard way of losing weight was fundamentally wrong. Their motivation to keep it off must be massive; their strength of will had been proven in front of millions. But they couldn’t do it!

   •  If people who literally risked their lives to have Gastric Bypass surgery STILL found ways to regain weight despite all the odds … it HAD to be because the standard way of eating that’s recommended is wrong. It’s not just a willpower issue; they’ve literally had their insides surgically reduced to make it almost impossible not to lose weight and they STILL regain it!

Then, add the research to my entirely unscientific reasoning (and man, I did a LOT of research). One thing I learned was that the standard diet approach to weight loss has been estimated to fail 98% of the time. 98% failure rate! This is its track record over 50 years or so!

I learned something else that threw another scare into me: even the target numbers the docs were giving me as numbers I needed to achieve so my Diabetes was “under Control” … these numbers were NOT trustworthy. I could be “under control” according to them, and still be in the “doing damage to my organs” range. (Seriously. And yes, I can prove it. In fact, I was in EXACTLY this situation! Read on.)

So, I looked for an alternative way.
Because what everyone said should work, clearly didn’t.
And it just seemed pointless to keep doing what I’d failed at, and what everyone else was failing at, and hoping for different results.

I wanted to lose a LOT of weight.
I wanted to do it in a way that was SUSTAINABLE.
And I WANTED TO NOT BE HUNGRY doing it because that had been my deal-breaker in every other attempt. Over 30 years.

And I wanted low numbers for my Diabetes.
A VERY low A1c.
A VERY low Fasting Blood Sugar.
Lower than the docs called for.

So I did a ton MORE research. As in, 100’s of hours.

And I found 4 Game Changers.

One of these was stunning: I read about a Study conducted just 3 or 4 years earlier that showed a professor in the UK had conducted a trial and successfully reversed Type 2 Diabetes in a group of people.

Now, THAT was exciting.
I didn’t even know that was a possibility. (No-one else did, either, at the time.)
The Prof is unquestionably brilliant. The impact of his work will affect generations.
By the way, many — most? Doctors still seem to know little or nothing about this.

I was excited … BUT I also hated it.
Because the way he did it was to put his trial group on a super-low calories diet for 8 weeks. 800 calories a day for men. A mostly liquid diet. Yuck.
A fast, big weight loss, sure.
And let’s not forget … they HAD Reversed it at the moment the trial ended!
But exactly the type of thing I’d tried so many times before — and quit every time because I was just so hungry and felt awful – except this was even more aggressive.

It seemed to me I’d be even hungrier than ever.
Reports from some folks who tried it confirmed hunger had been a complaint; some outside the study who tried it by themselves (and many reported success, by the way) said they’d been easily tired, too. To be fair: I’ve read reports since from the Prof who said, hunger wasn’t really an issue and people loved the diet. I’ll reserve comment!

I also read that keeping the weight off was a serious challenge for the people in these Trials. The most recent versions had gone to 12 weeks instead of 8, added a transition period and then 18 months or so of follow-up weight monitoring just to try to give them the best chance of keeping the weight off.

I knew I couldn’t do this aggressive approach (the Prof calls it “vigorous!”).
I knew I’d probably fail yet again.
I’d either quit; or succeed only to regain the weight.
And I couldn’t take that risk. Not this time.

But what REALLY got my attention in addition to the stunning results, was that the professor explained exactly WHY he believed his approach had worked. He explained the physiological changes that HAD to take place to make it work. He had a lot of other research papers out there on the same lines and I read all I could get my hands on. Back over several years.

I’m just a layman but a well-informed one, and his explanation was clear.
He wanted to achieve just one objective; knowing that if he did, it was like a set of dominoes. If one fell, they’d all fall. And if they all fell, a whole CROWD of good things would emerge.

And it made sense to me.

What he’d done was to find a “key” to overcoming insulin resistance.

Again, if you’re diabetic and very overweight you HAVE to be at least aware of the topic of “insulin resistance. “ I’m not going to go into it here but, it IS the key.

•  The research suggested it.
•  My own experience has confirmed it although I realize I’m just a data point of one!
•  It’s the key to getting fat.
•  And it’s the key to losing weight without your body fighting you, without being hungry all the time.

BUT I’d been looking for a way to overcome insulin resistance for 25 years. Since I first heard of it.

And the ONLY things that were recommended were, lose weight and exercise more.

Exactly what I and millions of others had been trying to do and failing at all our lives.


So what was exciting: He’d found a way to do it.
What was frustrating: It wasn’t one I thought I could tolerate.

So I looked for a different way of achieving the same result.
One that was less aggressive.
One that would let me “ease” into it.
One that meant I wouldn’t be hungry all the time.
One that offered me the best chance of keeping the weight off EFFORTLESSLY afterwards.

It had to be safe.
And there had to be a lot of scientific support behind it. REAL science.
As well as a lot of real people showing real results. I didn’t want to risk being a guinea pig for some scam artist.
And I didn’t want there to be any meds involved.
In fact, I defined 15 Criteria that “the method” had to meet for me to want to go ahead with it.

And to cut a VERY long story short — after literally 100+ hours of research (my wife is quietly adamant it was 200+) I found a way that looked promising. (It involved the other 3 Game Changers.)

I laid out a plan. My Plan. It had just 6 parts to it.

Then I started, very tentatively, to follow My Plan.
Initially I allowed my self to eat a lot. Because I was scared of setting myself up for failure by going hungry.

And I went in with the mindset that comes from 30 years of trying: if you’ve ever dieted (which is every one of you!) you know there are bound to be a few bumps in the road because you’re making changes your body isn’t used to. It’s the price we pay, right? We WANT things to change! But we hope it’ll be worth it.

To my surprise, while there were some bumps, they were not big deals. I gave myself permission to take this as slowly as I felt was necessary — and to back off if I needed to, this wasn’t a race I was in, I was in it for a long-term “win” — but to my surprise again, my body didn’t FIGHT me.
It was weird; my body seemed to HELP me.
It was far easier than I’d expected.

And even though I took it slowly, here were my “milestone” results:

I lost 14.4 lbs in the first 4 weeks.
Some of that would have been water loss. But I was still surprised because I was eating waaaay more than I knew I really needed. I was just so frightened of creating “Hunger.”

26.5 lbs in the first 12 weeks.
35.5 lbs in the first 18 weeks.

My HbA1C was 5.8 at this point.
MUCH higher than I wanted; but the doctor seemed happy.

However: at the 18 week mark I had a 2-hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Test that showed I was still clearly Diabetic.

(Remember what I said earlier? “In control” according to the doctors’ numbers was NOT “in control” in terms of being healthy and safe from harm!)

I had to accept that being Morbidly Obese for 30 – 35 years had left me with a legacy of insulin resistance that wasn’t going to be overcome too easily.

But … what I was doing actually had become EASY.
The weight was dropping off.
The inches were dropping off.
I was rarely hungry and when I was hungry it was “normal.” Not urgent. Not the “gotta eat something!” compulsion.

So I kept it up.

By week 47 I’d lost 70 lbs on My Plan.
My HbA1c was 5.4.
Not as low as I wanted … but a big (and fairly sudden) improvement in the past 3 months.
My stubborn insulin resistance was slooowly giving way!

I still felt FANTASTIC.
It was still easy.
I was still rarely hungry and when I was, it was just “normal,” not like before.

So I kept it up.

I THOUGHT I’d probably “cracked it” after 52 weeks. But I was still improving. It was still easy. And I wanted to be sure before I was tested. So I was patient and just kept doing what was working for me.

After 77 weeks … I had the proof. I’d FINALLY cracked it.

I was 120 lbs down since Peak.
I was 98 lbs down since starting My Plan.
Fasting Blood Glucose was 88 mg/DL (4.9 mmol/L).
HbA1c was 5.1

THIS was what I meant by “going low.” This was the Safe Zone!

But most importantly … my 2 hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Test confirmed that I NO LONGER HAD TYPE 2 DIABETES.

Here Are Some Elements Of Proof

This is a chart of my A1c results over time.

And this is the lab report that shows that my 2-hour Oral Glucose Tolerance Test number is 8.0. (I’m in Canada; that’s in mmol/L. In the US this would read 164 mg/dl)

Anything under 11.0 (Canada) or 218 (USA) means “Not Diabetes!”

I was disappointed because I need to be under 7.8 (160) to be COMPLETELY in the healthy range.
7.8 to 11.0 is Pre-diabetes.
At 8.0 I was JUST a tad into that range back in July 2017.

I’ll get tested again soon — because I’ve kept it going I have no doubts I’ll be in the “completely OK” zone. I believe I’m there already, in fact.

Dec 2017 Update...

Remember I was disappointed because my Glucose Tolerance Test came in at 8.0 mmol/L and that was just in the pre-diabetic range, and I wanted to be in the fully healthy range?

I needed to be under 7.8 mmol/L.

Well, it may not be easy to see but in Dec I was 7.2 mmol/L.

Not just in the healthy zone, but distinctly in the healthy zone.

April 2018 Update...

3 months later, just doing more of the same, AND remember there was a relaxed Christmas in the period, but my 2 hr test dropped a LOT from 7.2 mmol/L to 6.1 mmol/L
The battle over my insulin resistance is won!

Okay, back to the story!

There were a LOT more benefits.

First of all, I know the photos are lousy quality but this is my before-and-after. The “before” is 15 years earlier so yes, I do look older and greyer today – as well as slimmer!

I lost around 14” from my waist.  12” from my chest.  I dropped 5” from my neck!

But there are a host of other benefits.
For a start, I sleep better. I don’t snore. I’m more comfortable.

DECADES OLD tendonitis in my wrists, middle fingers, elbows and knee are either gone or 99% resolved. I used to take multiple strong painkillers each day: now, NONE. Last one was many months ago. I used to take 3 anti-inflam tablets each day. Now, just one, sometimes, in an evening – and I hope to stop that soon (I have a life-long spine condition and the anti-inflam is for that).

Think about that: a change in how I eat achieved, in 18 months, what 10 years of prescription drugs did not.

I have more energy than I can remember in the past 30 years or so.

My mental clarity is fantastic; it’s all-day and the best I’ve EVER known.

At 300+ lbs I had such joint pain I could only stand for a few minutes; and only walk a couple of hundred yards without severe pain. Business travel was especially a nightmare. But even a visit to a client was torture.
I walk MILES now, pain free. Literally, miles.

I gave a talk the other day at a Conference, related to my profession; I walked 10 minutes to the hotel, stood around yakking for 45 minutes before my session, was on my feet for an hour presenting, on my feet afterwards for 90 minutes networking and answering questions. The next morning I took my daughter’s dog for a 90-minute walk and it’s all ups-and-downs on hilly trails. Even now, this is all hard for me to believe. I REVEL in how I feel! It’s truly a joy.

And even all this isn’t CLOSE to being an exhaustive list. I could go on, and on.

This is life transforming.

But I haven’t mentioned something that — even considering the Diabetes removal — may be the biggest miracle of all:


No-one who isn’t long term fat, and long-term VERY fat, will know what I mean.
Most “normal” people get hungry each day, of course; several times a day.

But it’s not like that for us fat folk. WE are RULED by hunger. We have to eat regularly or else we feel awful and it really affects us in a host of bad ways. And when we’ve eaten, instead of being full we are EVEN MORE HUNGRY! The non-fat folk just don’t get this. They eat when they are hungry. Their bodies send the message to their brain “we’ve eaten enough.” And their brain sends the signal “stop eating.”

In people with insulin resistance, the long-term very-fat, that signaling system is broken. We are almost always hungry even when we’ve just eaten. The ONLY signal that reaches our brain is the hormonal signal “you are starving, you need to eat now!” And it’s a constant.

It’s not a matter of willpower! One doctor who is leading-edge in Obesity and Diabetes studies puts it nicely: we can no more choose not to eat when we get those messages than we can choose not to breathe. It’s an overwhelming physiological drive.

Well … not any more. Not for me.
When I get hungry, it’s a mild awareness that “Hmmm, yep, I could eat.” If I don’t eat for a long time after that, it’s entirely OK. The urgency has gone. The compulsion isn’t there.

And, when I’ve eaten, a message gets sent like it does in “normal” people. The message that says “You’ve had enough, stop eating.”

After 30 years of being broken, my signaling system has found the re-set button.

OK, Enough.
If you’ve read so far I already know the answer but let me ask you a question anyway.

Are You Interested In Learning What I Did?

(And What I Am Still Doing, And Probably Will Do For The Rest Of My Life Because I Feel Fantastic And It’s Easy To Do It!)

I’m trained life-long to approach problems in a methodological way.
And that’s what I did at the outset.

So when I started, I set out a list of 15 Criteria.
Any solution had to have some “Must” features and not have some “Must Not” features and there were some “Ideally should have but not a deal-breaker” features too … these were the Criteria that had to be met for me to be willing to put it into practice.

I documented them all. With an explanation.

Then when I did my research, I narrowed 100’s of hours of research (I’m not exaggerating) down into 12 “Pieces of the Puzzle.” Where I explained for my own thinking, EXACTLY what the research was; what it showed; and the conclusions I drew from it.

For example, the conclusion where it was 100% clear that what ALL the authorities were telling us is a healthy diet is actually a contributing factor in 50 years of worsening obesity and diabetes and heart attacks and strokes and kidney disease. Maybe even the BIGGEST factor.

That’s NOT my opinion. The research indicating this dates back from 100 years ago, through to the summer of 2017. But I needed the research to be conclusive because it had to clear the way for me to go against the tide while definitely not moving into harm’s way.

And the research that confirms that your Diabetes can be “in control” according to the doctors, but in reality you are in serious health danger. Because they’ve got it wrong.

All my research pointed me to that conclusion. But then some recent studies confirmed it, very specifically. Scary stuff. As in, seeing guidelines from the authorities that urge us to achieve a score that is UNEQUIVOCALLY within the “organ damage” zone. Not even close. I had to double- then triple-check to make sure I wasn’t reading this one incorrectly. I wasn’t.

And of course, researching details of the study that shows that Diabetes CAN be reversed. And why it works.

And much more: forming most of the “12 Pieces of the Puzzle.
And, ultimately, the research that led finally to My Plan.
That showed it was safe.
And indicated it was extremely effective.

I documented every piece of logic.
Exactly what I was thinking; and why; and the research to back it up so it wasn’t just my opinion; and the conclusions I personally drew from that research.

Then … where it gets really interesting …
… as I started to implement My Plan, I kept a daily journal.

EVERY DAY for the first 4 weeks. As I lost 14.4 lbs.

I documented what I was thinking. What I did that day in terms of, My Plan. How I felt. Any fears or concerns or if I was hungry or had a headache or … anything. Good and bad! Including some things that, looking back, make me CRINGE at what a wimp I was. How scared I was of being hungry.

So if what I did interests you … well, sure, you’re interested in the logic behind The Plan.
And probably interested in The Plan itself.
But an entirely different type of question is, …
… what was it REALLY like to DO this? To do it for real?

Well, that’s what you’ll find in my journal.

Now I have to tell you, it’s not day-to-day excitement.
Many days are routine.
Because that’s what it was like. I lost 126 lbs doing just what’s documented in that routine.

No heroics.
No medals for bravery.
Just, I found something that worked and did it day after day and kept a log of anything associated with it that I thought might be useful as a reference of “what it’s really like.”

I kept the daily journal as I got deeper and deeper into My Plan.
12 weeks.
18 weeks.
The hints of a breakthrough in my insulin resistance at the 28 week mark.
The breakthrough confirmed at 47 weeks.

And finally, the tests at 77 weeks that proved I hadn’t just controlled my Diabetes; hadn’t “just” Reversed it; I HAD ELIMINATED IT.

Eliminated as in, I could go into any doctor’s office, be sent for any tests the doc chose … and those tests would come back saying “This guy does not have Diabetes.”

I had done what so many want to do: what the doctors said you couldn’t do.
I got rid of it.

And I have all the logic, the research, the planning and the daily journal to explain exactly what I did.

So: I wrote a Book about it!

At 120 lbs down from my “peak”, friends and colleagues were pretty stunned to see how much weight I’d lost. Quite literally, people who’ve known me for 20 years or more did not recognize me. They wanted to know how I’d achieved such a transformation.

Those who knew a little (or a lot) about Type 2 Diabetes were in their turn stunned to hear I’d eliminated it. They didn’t know it was even possible to do it; let alone, know of any formal way, any plan, to make it happen.

One of them had told me at the beginning, when I’d outlined my intention of eliminating Diabetes, “My doctor told me I’d got this for life, I should just rely on meds to keep it under control.” He thought I was daft for even attempting to get rid of it.

I visited a lot of online groups; and saw people struggling just to get to the levels of control that I knew were NOT really safe. Saw the struggle to lose weight and to keep it off. People wrestling with trying to lose 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 40 lbs. While here I was, 126 lbs down and still losing.

That’s when I really began to understand the value of what I’d learned, and done.

I realized I’d have KILLED to have access at ANY time over the previous 30 years or so to what I’d now learned, and done. (OK, maybe a poor turn of phrase there. But I hope you can understand the passion.)

It would have given me the knowledge to avoid getting fat.
It would have given me the knowledge to lose weight if I was already fat.
It would have given me the knowledge to avoid Type 2 Diabetes.
And it would have helped me to better control it and ultimately have a shot at eliminating Diabetes as soon as I’d been diagnosed.

The problem was, most of the knowledge didn’t even exist then!

Some of the research that helped me formulate My Plan is recent.

It’s only 6 years since the Professor conducted the first trial that proved Type 2 Diabetes can successfully be reversed. (Since then he’s conducted other trials with people who have had Diabetes for longer periods of time.)

And what research DID exist “back in those days” wasn’t easily accessible.

Even on the Internet it’s taken me an outrageous number of hours of research to find what I needed; and I am STILL finding new things even as I’m writing this. But before the Internet … no way. It just wasn’t feasible to get access to that stuff even if it had existed.

Which is frightening all by itself. Just how easy it would have been to have NOT seen the way out.

I needed all 12 of those “Pieces of the Puzzle” to put My Plan together. Without the 12th Piece — the 3 Game Changers … there WAS no plan. But without the 11th Piece — another Game Changer, learning the details of the reversals in the UK — I’d not have even known to look for the 12th Piece.

And without completely invalidating the standard approach to our diet, I’d never have dared to go against the tide.

And so on.

But now … I’ve put EVERYTHING into this Book.

My wife and I called it “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” because it did indeed “Tick” 3 very important boxes for me. (It ticked a lot more, of course, but 3 were worth big-deal celebrations.)

I’d have been happy with just excellent low numbers for my Diabetes — that had been my initial goal, remember — but instead it ticked the box of “Reversing Diabetes.”

It ticked a HUGE box (pun intended) with 126 lbs lost. Because weight loss was a specific objective.

And it ticked an absolutely vital box with “No Hunger.” This would have been a deal-breaker. Hunger had caused EVERY weight loss attempt over 30+ years to fail. I could not let this one fail. My life might quite literally depend on it.

“3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” is an easy read but I have to tell you straight — this isn’t a 2-minute read. There are 31 Chapters and 380+ pages. Because I don’t hold ANYTHING back. And I don’t know what piece of the puzzle will be the one that resonates with someone enough to persuade them to follow-up. So it’s all there.

You do NOT have to read it ALL, of course.

For example at the front end I walk you through my own story; like many very fat people I can literally graph memorable (& uncomfortable) events year by year as I got fatter and fatter; and, every major weight loss attempt and failure. The “never fat” folks don’t get that, of course. They don’t understand to what extent obesity can overlay our entire lives.

Now this background isn’t just “fluff” (although I’m sure you’ll find some of the embarrassing details entertaining). It has a purpose.

I explain all the lead-up to Diabetes and ultimately what led to the Research and to My Plan because when I start to pull the “12 Pieces of the Puzzle” together you can see EXACTLY how the logic and the research is reflected in what I had lived through.

Why did I get fat? I was an athlete when I was young. Played rugby until my mid- to late 20’s. What did I do that got me fat in the first place?

Why do we get fatter all the time once we’re fat? Despite all our efforts to LOSE weight?

Why are we always hungry? Even after eating a meal that would leave a never-fat person “full?”

Why do we get cold and tired and famished when we go on a conventional diet?

Why does our body ALWAYS try to force us to return to the heaviest weight we’ve ever been at? And even higher?

How does this morph into Diabetes?

But you can skip all that if you want and get straight into the “12 pieces of the Puzzle.” The logic. The research. The “Game Changers” that made the whole strategy possible.

Then dive into “My Plan” and “My Journal.”

Jump to “Myths and Misconceptions.”

Or “Who needs to check with their doctor before doing this.”

If you’re interested, I’ve listed the Chapter headings here.

Part 1 -- The Lead-Up
Part 2 -- The Plan
Part 3 -- Living The Plan
Part 4 -- Resources References & Cautions

OK. So now you have a strong awareness of what’s inside “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone.”
You probably have a sense that it’s of interest, if you’ve read this far.

But realistically the big question is: What Is “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” Worth To You?

The 2 most important words are “To You.”
This Book assumes you are intelligent; thoughtful; and motivated.
It’s NOT a prescription. I’m not qualified to tell you what to do.
It’s NOT a “just do this and all’s well.”
I can’t tell you whether it’ll work for you.

What I can tell you is what I did.
And the results I got. And am still getting.

Now, one way of looking at “value” is that my 100’s of hours of research could save you a great deal of time, assuming you’ll perform your own research.

Another “value” element is, would you find the 4 Game-changers on your own?
Without my “12 Pieces of the Puzzle?”
Maybe — but I doubt it. (Few people even know to look for it!)
And that’s game over as far as getting the type of results I got.
That alone is priceless, in my opinion.

But more accurately,
If you are intelligent and motivated to DO something for yourself and you family, to take such an important matter of your health into your own hands …
… then what is the **Information** in here worth to you?
Even just the AWARENESS that “there is another way?”
Just the links to prove to yourself the research that’s out there?

Could it transform your life? The lives of your spouse and kids, maybe?
Could it help you avoid “chronic and progressive?”
Could it help you reset your “Body Set Weight” so you lose weight and your body doesn’t fight to FORCE you to gain weight again?

What you are doing when you buy this Book is Giving Yourself A Second Chance.
To move into the Safe Zone — which is lower than what your doctors tell you.
Giving yourself a shot at actually reversing your Diabetes.
Along with a proven healthy way to lose SERIOUS weight, naturally and sustainably.

You are shifting the odds. Tilting them back in your favor.

Buy  “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” & You’ll Have Access To EVERYTHING I Learned and EVERYTHING I Did Just Seconds From Now.

This book is published in 2 formats. You get access to both.

• It’s in the form of a PDF file, which is great if you have a desktop PC or laptop or some tablets.
• But it’s also in epub format so it’s easier to read on mobile devices.

The instant you buy, you get access to download the PDF file.

I’ll also IMMEDIATELY email you 2 download links so you can access the PDF and the epub versions that way, too.
Once the Book is downloaded onto your computer or your mobile, you can read it at your leisure.

For now, “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” is just $27.

Here’s the button to buy it safely and securely using a Credit Card or Paypal and get access to the information immediately:

For now, “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” is just $27 for the PDF and the epub versions.

My Money-Back-I’ll-Take-The-Risk Guarantee

In “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” I’m revealing everything  I did, and why (the research and the conclusions I reached), and the results I got. And a lot more. My results have been (and continue to be) spectacular.

For obvious reasons I can’t guarantee that what worked for me will work for you, even if you follow My Plan. I point you to the research, the evidence that it’s safe and has a history of being recognized as healthful that is unmatched by almost anything else out there. I point you to the doctors who have made this the core of their practice. I encourage you to do your own due diligence, and make an informed decision, with my personal experience as one point of data for your consideration. I’m explicitly NOT telling you to do what I did. I’m not qualified to offer advice and I don’t know you or your circumstances!

But I want to remove all your risk from this purchase even though it’s less than $30.

So here’s the deal: Buy the book. Read it, front to back. Do some research (I even give you the links — it’s part of the value of this Book) to prove to yourself that the strategy I outline — in fact, I also point to variations — has strong support from experts. It’s important that you realize this. Then take another look at My Plan.

The one thing I changed in my eating that made all the difference — the key to the big weight loss, the changes in my insulin resistance and ultimately the elimination of my Diabetes — is clear and easy to understand and I tip-toe into it. Read my Journal — my experiences of the first few weeks when I followed My Plan. And ate too much. And still lost 14.4 lbs!

Then, make a judgment call. If you don’t feel that the information in the Book is worth just $27, if you feel that I’ve let you down, email me within 30 days of purchase asking for a refund and I’ll give it to you, no questions asked. (Please review our refund policy.)

For now, “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” is just $27 for the PDF and the epub versions.

If you made it this far, take this as a sign.

I’m the least “woo woo” person I know … but what I can tell you is this.

If you made it this far down the page, it’s a sign.

It’s a sign that you REALLY want to take greater control of your Diabetes and your weight, and even give yourself a shot at REVERSING Diabetes, and you want to do it without additional drugs. And without the awful always-hungry feeling that you get from conventional approaches. Some things I’ve said have resonated with you.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while.
Or maybe you’ve kinda hoped it could all stay nicely tucked away in the background. Even while you really knew, “chronic and progressive” …

It’s no matter.

You have just had a glimpse at the life changes that come with significant and SUSTAINABLE weight loss.
A glimpse at a future that carries with it a huge sigh of relief when Diabetes isn’t the bogeyman facing you and your family as you get older.

And you saw how it can be achieved even by someone who’s been classed as “Morbidly Obese” for most of 30 years. Someone who HATES being hungry. Someone who has failed diet after diet after diet for those 30+ years.

The question is: what are you going to do about it?

You could think about it some more.
You could put it off “for another day.”

Or you can take your health into your own hands in a way that’s probably never been available to you before, commit $27, and see for yourself where it takes you.

And with my 30-day money back guarantee, it’s truly risk free.

When you buy “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” you have a full 30 days to read through it and perhaps read it again and again. To take my “Criteria for a Great solution” and adapt them to suit you. To take My Plan as a template and adjust it to suit your needs, your personality, your life.

If it just doesn’t work for you, if you don’t see anything that makes you feel good about the value of the information, just email me and I’ll see you get a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back. I will personally take responsibility for this. It’s my Book that you’re showing your faith and confidence in — so it’s the least I can do if you feel I’ve let you down.

In the Book I share with you just how big a baby I was when I took the first tentative steps. I tip-toed into this so carefully it’s embarrassing to look back at it.

But from where I am now — 120 lbs lighter and Diabetes-free — it didn’t matter one little bit that I was so cautious at the beginning.

All that mattered was, I found the guts to take the first step.
And man, am I ever glad that I did.
If I hadn’t, I’d still be 315 lbs and diabetic. Just, 2 years older.

What will YOU do?

For now, “3 Boxes Ticked — Diabetes Gone” is just $27 for the PDF and the epub versions.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use this approach to lose weight?
Children, pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t use this strategy. People with certain medical conditions or taking certain medications should talk to their doctors first. The strategy is not just “Safe,” it’s explicitly healthful — BUT one problem can be that it achieves, without drugs, what you are already taking drugs to achieve! For example, it can lower your blood pressure. Which is wonderful — but if you’re already on medication to do the same thing, your doc might adjust your dose. It can (it’s intended to) lower your blood sugar numbers — but if you’re on medication that’s aiming to do that already then again, your doc needs to be involved to make sure the combined effects are safe.
Can ANYONE “Reverse” their Type 2 Diabetes?
I believe the answer is, “no-one knows.” The Professor who was the first to do this has conducted other trials since. He says that the longer you’ve had Diabetes, the lower your chances are for Reversing it. He suggests that under 6 years is best; more than 10 years is getting less likely. But there ARE people who have had Diabetes for 23 years and more, and have serious health issues as a result, that have achieved outstanding improvements and even Reversals. What I don’t know is, does he mean that his 8-week protocol works best on people who have had Diabetes for under 6 years? Or is he saying that it’s tougher for ANY protocol? I have had serious insulin resistance for more than 30 years (I have an odd way of proving this, I mention it in my eBook.) My Diabetes diagnosis was only 5 years ago BUT I’m convinced that if I’d had a Glucose Tolerance Test any time in the past 10 or 15 years I’d have failed. Remember, I failed an OGTT even when my A1c showed numbers consistently under 6.0. I believe that good “routine” numbers disguised my own flourishing Diabetes for years. So while it took the Professor’s trial patients just 8 weeks on a starvation diet … I did NOT do the “starvation diet.” I took a different path; I ate a lot more than his people did; and it took me 47 weeks to see a big breakthrough and 77 weeks for final confirmation that I’d eliminated it. So would the Professor’s “vigorous” approach (his description) have gotten results with ME in 8 weeks? No-one knows … but I honestly don’t think so. 30 years of being Morbidly Obese is one heck of a legacy to overcome. I think my gentler but persistent approach that made it easy to keep going without being hungry and nibbled away at my insulin resistance week by week until it eventually “cracked” was the key to my success. I believe it also helped re-set my Body Set Weight to make it easy to maintain the lower weight.
Does this work for both Men & Women?
Yes. One doctor who specializes in this strategy for his Obesity patients (I point you to him, his videos, his research and his many articles – he’s a fantastic resource) has seen more than 1000 patients use it in the past several years. He says the only difference between men and women are that the men are bigger babies.