Check Out This Amazing 30 Minute Full Body Workout For Women

30 Minute Full Body Workout For Women We all have our excuses: we are too tired, too busy, or plain just don’t feel like heading to the gym. Well what if you could spend less than half an hour a day doing a 30 minute full body workout for women and still get a great workout in–without leaving your home? Would you do it?

For a lot of people, than means there’s no excuses: it’s up to you to motivate yourself to do it. The best thing about this, is that you don’t need equipment at all either! That means you can literally do it anywhere you have space to stretch your arms out and lay down flat. You can do it at your own pace depending on your experience level, and how much of a beginner you are- remember to challenge yourself without injuring yourself!

Check out this 30 Minute Full Body Workout For Women. Remember to repeat it 3 times, or as a bit of a competition with yourself, and to track your progress, you can always see how far you get in 30 minutes, and try and beat it!

Here’s the routine recommended by Kelley McAuliffe, in this article: here.

*Jumping Jacks – 50

*Squats – 20

*Squat Jumps – 20

*Alternating Lunges (each leg) – 20 

*Burpees – 15

*Push Ups – 25

*Mountain Climbers – 30

*Crunches – 50

*Plank Hold – 60 seconds

30 Minute Full Body Workout For Women

Again, a huge thanks to Kelley McAuliffe who shared this great workout in here article, which you can see by clicking here.