The 3 Boxes Ticked Story – My Dad, My Mom and Me!

My Dad is Tony Jackson. Well, that’s using his middle name, which he does for his health & fitness books.

He’s really the reason I’m writing this at all. You see, in late January 2016 at the age of 62 he decided to get rid of his Type 2 Diabetes.

18 months later, July 2017, he had lost more than 120 lbs and he had in fact eliminated or “Reversed” his Diabetes.

As I write this in June 1018 he has continued his improvement. After 3 consecutive “Glucose Tolerance Tests” over 9 months his blood numbers have gone from being good to being very good to being excellent – meaning, better than most people who have never been overweight and never been Diabetic. His doctor has formally updated his medical records to state that my Dad does not have Type 2 Diabetes.

How rare is it to do what he’s done? Well, his doctor has been the family GP for 34 years and he says, Dad is the first person to achieve this in those 34 years.

Further down the page you can sign up to get a PDF where Dad explains some of how he achieved it.

And also, he has written a book about how he did it – it’s a digital download as a pdf or an epub format (some people with mobiles prefer epub).

So, read on for more of our story, or click here to learn more about Dad’s full story and the ebook itself.


They called the book “3 Boxes Ticked” for a reason.

He and my Mom grew up in the UK and the expression “It ticks all the boxes” is a common one there — not so much here.

When he was planning to lose weight and improve his control over his blood sugar levels and his Type 2 Diabetes, he did a LOT of research.

Now, my dad is now 63 years old and he has always been “a big guy.” At least for all my life — close to 300 lbs since before I was born, and he says he topped out a few times at 315 lbs.

Everything he’d tried in an effort to lose weight over more than 30 years had succeeded for a while, only to fail when he just got cold and tired and hungry 24/7 … until he couldn’t keep up the diet and he’d gain all the weight back.


So when he started his research, and as he learned more, he came up with a list of 15 Criteria that HAD to exist (or must NOT exist) or Ideally, existed, before it was worth him even trying. Because he wasn’t going to try the same-old same-old yet one more time.

If you want a pdf that has those 15 Criteria listed, just complete the short form here and I’ll send you a free pdf.

It also includes a separate list … when you deal with a “Core Problem” like Dad did, not just the symptoms, you see improvements in a whole host of health issues at the same time, which is a bonus. For example on May 30th 2018 the doctor tested Dad’s Blood Pressure at 100/70.

That’s extraordinary for a 63 yo who has been “morbidly obese” for 30 years, who gets very little exercise and who could still stand to lose 20 lbs or so.

So Dad put a list of all the major good health outcomes that he recorded as a result of what he’s documented in “3 Boxes Ticked – Diabetes Gone.”


3 of the most important criteria were simply:

  • Must Control Diabetes … and ideally, even get rid of it!
  • Must lose a lot of weight in a way that would be sustainable for the rest of his life
  • Must NOT make him permanently Hungry — because he knew that would be a recipe for failure again.



When he came up with a Plan — he did NOT lose weight the conventional way — and put it into place, there were a LOT of benefits.

But the “Big 3” were that he

     Eliminated his Diabetes completely

    Lost 120 lbs initially (more than 130 lbs now)

    Was never seriously Hungry throughout the whole journey

He commented to Mom, “well, that’s 3 Boxes Ticked.”

And that became the brand name.



Currently there’s one book available for immediate download and one more almost published.

3 Boxes Ticked – Diabetes Gone, where the emphasis on weight reduction is simply a means to an end — it was what he had to do, to first control, then eliminate, his Type 2 diabetes. Click the link to read his story.

3 Boxes Ticked – 126 lbs gone. To be published soon! (June 2018). There are a LOT of overweight people, but most don’t have Diabetes. So Tony simply “extracted” a version of the eBook that stripped-out all the Diabetes mentions and focuses 100% on weight loss. This will be available in June 2018.

Now, what my Dad has done is unusual. Few people lose that much weight. Few take the time to work out a solution to the problem that conventional diets fail 98% of the time. Virtually no-one eliminates Type 2 Diabetes — the medical profession says that it’s with you for life, and it’ll get worse even if you control your blood sugar reasonably well.

But I followed his plan, too. I’m not diabetic but I’ve been overweight for years and it’s been getting worse for years. I’ve tried to drop the weight many times and never succeeded — and to make it more frustrating I’m on my feet all day AND I work out a lot. So my activity level is really good. Yet, losing weight was always impossible.

So, I tried what he was doing — and I’ve lost 33 lbs so far. I’ll probably lose 10 lbs more over the early part of 2018.

My Mom has a different type of problem – she has to fight not to lose weight! She’s one of those lucky ones who, in her 60’s, weighs the same as when she was 18 years old – and she was slender then, too.
So she does not need to lose weight.
But she’s still using some of the key elements in Dad’s program because it’s actually a healthy plan. It helps blood pressure, it decreases whole-body inflammation which has implications for heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and the nature of the program has even been claimed to have some cancer-resistant aspects – although there need to be more formal studies before that claim becomes more solid than speculation.
So, truly a whole-family solution.

If you’re interested, you can get the “15 Criteria to a good Diabetes solution” PDF by filling in the form below for immediate download, or learn more about Dad’s book here.