The 100 Workout for Beginners

I love the 100 workout for beginners, as I find it’s simple, scale able, and quick!  I find that each exercise is modifiable, and I also use the template to plug in other exercises to give me more variety, ie. skipping becomes jumping jacks.

In order to keep me motivated, I make sure I do each exercise in proper form, but I also add a bit of a competitive element to it, and try to beat my time!

It’s also a fantastic workout structure, because you can pretty much do this anywhere! For me, I can usually squeeze in a 30 minute maximum workout at lunch hour- so this is perfect!This workout concept is amazing! Each exercise is done for only 4 minutes at a time – but it’s likely the longest 4 minutes you’ll have experienced working out. It is therefore really ideal for a single mom pressed for time, or a busy professional that can keep fit by using Tabata workouts.

You could also turn this into a Tabata workout, meaning that you work hard for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds, and repeat, 8 times per exercise!

With that being said, it’s really important to make sure that you are a healthy individual prior to doing these workouts, as they are extremely high intensity, with a start and stop format that can be tough to get used to initially.  It is necessary to check with your doctor before starting Tabata to ensure that your body will be able to handle the pressure.

As with the 100 Workout for Beginners, Tabata at home, in a hotel, or on a lunch break a few times a week to burn those stubborn fat reserves in the body that other exercises have not been able to eliminate! It’s versatile structure means you can pick and choose which exercises to do if you can’t do all of them, or modify them as you need to.

I thought I’d share the benefits of each exercise with you:

Weight Loss
Skipping Benefits:

  • Affordable!
  • Tones muscle while giving you cardio benefits
  • Amazing workout for conditioning
  • Full body workout
  • Alternative: jump up onto a stair or box!

100 workout for beginnersCrunch Benefits:

  • It is a great core workout!
  • It helps improve your balance by strengthening your stabilizing muscles
  • It will help to improve your posture!
  • Alternative: use a BOSU ball to work on your stability even more!

tabata workouts Squat Benefits:

  • Works on toning all your leg muscles, from bottom to top – quads, calves, hamstrings
  • Done continually, it can actually help with your cardio
  • You can add weights to get a bigger workout in
  • Alternative: Lunge!

100 workout for beginnersLift Benefits:

  • Works both your core and your leg muscles
  • Will help you with your posture, balance, and strength
  • A great exercise to improve your hip flexibility
  • Alternative: Hip thrusts to work your butt, legs, and core!