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Our Refund Policy for 3 Boxes Ticked products is clearly summarized on 3 BT’s “Diabetes Gone” sales page, in a sentence in the section under the sub-head “My Money-Back-I’ll-Take-The-Risk Guarantee.”

It reads “If you don’t feel that the information in the eBook is worth just $27.00, if you feel that I’ve let you down, email me within 30 days of Purchase asking for a refund and I’ll give it to you, no questions asked.”

So I want to be very clear:

We will not honor refund requests for “3 Boxes Ticked” brand eBooks that we receive more than 30 days after Purchase.

The only exception is if it’s a fraud case and you have evidence of that (see below). Let’s be realistic: a single day is sufficient time to assess the value of the eBook. So the 30 days we provide is ample even if you just read 15 pages a day, which takes about 10 minutes.

We will not refund “Not As Described” refund claims for “3 Boxes Ticked” brand eBooks …

… filed with the Payment Processor because such claims would be dishonest and we are prepared to prove that point. Our description of our eBooks, down to a listing of the Chapter Titles of all 31 Chapters, and with the exception of a couple of words in Chapter Titles that do not change the applicability to the contents of the Chapter, is Explicit and accurate.

Our “30-days no-questions-asked” Refund Policy is clear and generous, and all you have to do is email us with a Refund request.

We will not refund people who make a “Payment Not Authorized” Claim for “3 Boxes Ticked” brand eBooks…

… with the Payment Processor, unless they can provide either (1) a Police Report event number or (2) a credit card cancellation letter issued by the credit card provider due to fraud. Let’s be realistic again: if someone is a fraud victim, those are the 2 basic steps they could reasonably be expected to take. Failing to present one of the 2 documents will result in our denial of refund.

Our “30-days no-questions-asked” Refund Policy is clear and generous, and all you have to do is email us with a Refund request.

We are responsive to your emails; so if you attempt to claim a Refund …

... directly from the Payment processor without contacting us first, that’s OK, you have the right to do so of course, but be prepared for us to fight your claim — because our “30-days no-questions-asked” Refund Policy is clear and generous, and you will have chosen to disregard it.

If, after reading the Above, you still feel entitled to a Refund …

email your request to support, at:

If you are unhappy for any reason, within 30 days of Purchase, or experiencing problems with downloading the eBooks, email our support team


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