Pole DancePole Fitness – Why Not Give It A Try?

One of the fun fitness trends that have been re-ignited in recent years is pole fitness. That’s right – it’s not just for bachelorette parties! Pole fitness is a full body workout, literally working muscles you never knew you had while supporting your body weight in different positions.

Here are a few reasons to try it out:

Pole Dance1. It takes you out of your element (or does it? 🙂 )

Pole fitness gives you the ability to completely transform into someone else in a potential role playing scenario. You need to dress quite scantily clad in order to have the most skin exposed for good grip on the pole, plus you get to wear minimum 5″ plastic heels to put your sexy self over the edge. It’s all put in place to inspire you to get your groove on and tone your entire body, while you have fun!


Pole Dance2. You see progress quickly!

I definitely recommend taking the (somewhat mandatory) intro to pole fitness class before you take a normal class. This class teaches you the basics and help with your form, which is extremely important in order to avoid injury, or discouragement. Because these are generally smaller classes, you receive a more intimate experience, while getting a cardio and strength workout! After you’ve taken the intro class, you’ll notice just how much improvement you are able to have each class, as your technique gets better, and your body starts responding to your new moves.


Pole Dance3. It’s a crazy good workout!

Pole fitness combines endurance, flexibility, and strength training into one super fun exercise. In one hour of advanced level pole fitness, you are likely to burn over 800 calories- you can’t tell me you’d rather spend that time on a treadmill! Because of the design of the workout, you are using your own bodyweight to increase your strength. This type of resistance training means you continue to burn calories for hours after you’ve worked out!



Here’s an 8 minute video set to Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have fun, that shows you exactly what you would be in for, should you take a Basic or Beginners Pole Fitness Class. They do a brief warmup, before starting to learn the moves about 2 minutes into it!